The history of Hastings County and the surrounding area comes alive at the Farmtown Park; from the early days of cheese making, through the evolution of farm machinery to the unique Heritage Village, which depicts a typical village of the nineteen thirties and forties

Harvest Building



You can find the whole history of harvesting equipment at Farmtown Park, not only for harvesting grain, but also for making hay and straw.

Hay is dried grass, which farmers put into bales to feed to the animals in winter. Before machines for making bales were invented, farmers used to put the hay loose onto wagons and take it to the barn to be stored. They lifted the hay using a hessian sling and swung it into the hayloft. Once balers were introduced, farmers could bale the hay in the field and because the hay in bales is compacted, farmers can store more of it.

You can see all sorts of balers in the Harvest Building including a straw packer for making bales of straw. Straw is the stalk of the grain once the grain has been removed and is used for bedding for the animals. There are also threshing machines. Each summer there are demonstrations using the equipment at the Hastings County Farm Show and Plowing Match.