Dairy Instructors and Cheese Makers



The Dairy Instructors and Cheese Makers and Directors of EOD Association for the Cheese Maker Exhibiting the Highest Scoring Large Cheese. 1917



James Tobin, Martintown, 1917

Chas Wilkins, 1918

Fred M. Murray, Burnett Rapids, 1919

Won by R. J. McLaughlin, Belleville, RR#2 Sidney Town Hall, 1927-28-29

E. A. Tolles, Kinburn, Ont., 1920

A. R. Mallory, Lakefield, 1922

John W. Cutt, Wales, 1925

Norm Matte, Balderson Cheese, 1984, 1985

Armstrong Cheese, 1986

Rejean Galipeau, Ault Foods Ltd., 1987

Armstrong Cheese, Armstrong Cheese B. C. 1988-90, 91