Agribition is the  joint initative of the farming community and Farmtown Park, home of the agmuseum in Stirling, Ontario.

Every year in early October, Grade Four students from Hasting County and Prince Edward County are invited to spend the day at Agribition at Farmtown Park.  There are eight stations led by farmers showing different aspects of modern agriculture. Click on the images above to find out more about each station. Student learn about where their food comes from and have the chance to see a little of what Farmtown Park has to offer. 

Contact: Agribition chair Linda Huizenga, for more information.

Custom designed visits to Farmtown Park. If your school is unable to come to Agribition in October as places are limited you are invited to come in May, June, July or September. We can design a tour for you with hands on activities.

Contact Margaret Grotek, manager at Farmtown Park,, 613. 395-0015



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